working together for
our mutual success

At IntelliNet Solutions we combine expert web design with targeted digital marketing strategies to enhance your online presence.

Our company, based in Glasgow, was established with a clear goal: to provide high-quality digital services at competitive prices. This vision drives us to excel in delivering effective and efficient solutions to our clients.

Our approach is straightforward—we focus on understanding your business needs and objectives to develop tailored strategies that not only meet but exceed your expectations, ensuring a successful online platform that supports your business’s growth and visibility.


We pride ourselves as being a part of
Glasgow’s renowned creative sector.


our process for
your success

Discovering Goals

understanding your vision

We start by learning about your business objectives and goals. This understanding forms the foundation for all digital strategies, ensuring they align with your aspirations.

Planning Digital Content

crafting your digital blueprint

Whether it’s your website, social media, advertising, or profiles, we meticulously plan your digital content. Each plan is customized to your specific needs, ensuring a targeted approach.

Drafting & Publishing

bringing ideas to life

We draft compelling content and then move to publish it across the chosen digital platforms. This process is executed with precision to capture your brand’s voice.

Monitoring & Tweaking

optimizing for success

Post-publication, we monitor analytics to gauge performance. Insights gained allow us to make necessary adjustments, fine-tuning the strategy for better results.

Collaborative Feedback

partnership & progress

Throughout this journey, we keep in close contact, ensuring plans align with your expectations. Your feedback is vital, making our collaboration a true partnership towards achieving digital excellence.


We work with our clients to ensure their online content 
is in-line with both their brand and objectives

IntelliNet Solutions
Founding Directors

IntelliNet Solutions is led by our co-founders, Paul McCann and Ken Baxter.

Combining technical knowledge with strategic foresight IntelliNet Solutions delivers digital solutions
that are both innovative and effective to ensure the brands we work with reach their true potential.

Ken Baxter

Ken Baxter


Ken, brings a deep understanding of market trends and consumer behaviors. His data-driven approach is central to crafting tailored digital content and marketing strategies that drive both growth and conversions effectively.

Ken excels in transforming insights into dynamic strategies, enhancing your brand's digital presence and impact. His work ensures campaigns are built on a foundation of solid data, and ongoing analysis to achieveing measurable success.

Ken's strategic vision not only secures your brand a prime position in the digital arena but also charts a path for future growth and engagement.

With proven strategies and analysis algorithims, his insight into Website and Social Media content will drive targeted traffic to your brand.
Paul McCann

Paul McCann


Paul excels in translating concepts into engaging, digital formats that resonate with audiences. He oversees the development process from start to finish, ensuring that every project not only aligns with but also amplifies our clients' brand values and objectives.

His meticulous attention to detail and commitment to cutting-edge technology drive the creation of digital solutions that are both innovative and user-friendly. Under his guidance, our team crafts digital experiences that not only meet but exceed our clients' expectations, setting new standards in digital design and functionality.

Paul's leadership in creative design and programming has been instrumental in establishing us in the digital space, consistently delivering results that speak volumes about our commitment to quality and innovation.


What Our Clients Say About Us

We have  worked with many briliant customers from a collection of industries.  These customers have come to appreiate the time, creativity and dedication we have provided, as well as the level of support during and after the process.  We look forward to hworking with you.

Let’s make your ideas a reality.

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